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Straightline Technology Group has your small businesses technology road map covered. We have provided technology services to small businesses in St. Louis and helped navigate them through the treacherous waters of technology. Our services provide a cost-effective approach to IT services for small businesses. test
CTO Services

For small-to-mid sized businesses, having a Chief Technology Officer or CTO on board would be a luxury. An executive level position, the CTO focuses on all technical aspects and issues within an organization.

  • A CTO is assigned to your company to advise and guide your technology decisions.

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Straightline Case Study

Straightline Case Study

At Straightline Technology Group, we know the fastest way between two points is just that... a straight line. We also know the process associated with installing or upgrading computer technology can easily turn into a winding, treacherous road - a path that can become daunting and over-whelming and even lead you off course without proper direction.

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